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Wovens and prices for Boxer Fabrics

Wovens and prices for Boxer Fabrics

Let’s jump into the world of wovens. Most of my experience is with knits but woven boxers play a big portion of the underwear line for both men and women. Yes, the thong wearing woman that’s in the know would never sleep in a thong so she wears her partners woven boxers or ladies boy shorts.

I thought about how to introduce this topic and I think walking through fabric prices is as good as any. Here’s some fabric prices from my 2005 days. I haven’t checked recently but volume is king when it comes to wovens and China’s the place to be if the Chinese want to participate.

1. 100% cotton Poplin- solid and print 133x72/ 40x40 (56-57")
China $1.05-1.15/yd India $1.18-1.23/yd
2. 100% cotton poplin- solid and print 144x80/50x50 (56-57")
China $1.28-1.40/yd India $1.23-1.28/yd
3. 100% cotton poplin- solid and print 92-78/ 40x40 (56-57")
China $1.06-1.13/yd India $.96-1.01/yd
4. 100% cotton poplin- yarn dye 144x80/50x50 (56-57")
China $1.43/yd India $1.46/yd
5. 100% cotton poplin- yarn dye suggest 110x70/40x40 (56-57")
China $1.03/yd India $1.34/yd

Wovens are referenced by Thread Count and Yarn Count and normally not fabric weight. Take the first fabric listed, it’s a 133x72 / 40x40 (56-57”) This means that in one inch of fabric there are 133 strings of yarn in the vertical direction or Warp and 72 strands of yarn in the horizontal direction or the Fill. The thickness of the yarn in the Warp is 40/1’s and the thickness or count of the cotton yarn in the Fill is also 40/1’s. The fabric width is 56-57 inches and this is considered the “cutable” width so the actual fabric will be a little wider.

OK, we’re ready to roll on!

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