Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Woven Boxer Consumption leading up to Cost Calculator

Woven Boxer Consumption leading up to Cost Calculator

The Underwear Maven’s earlier post on Jan. 15 2009 with a link to a spread sheet called Knit Tee Shirt Cost Calculator ( http://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key=pTuOkx70Cy57Bh6t_qVS-fA ) is not great for woven boxers. Knit fabric consumption is based on Weight called Block Weight and the cost for Wovens is based on yards.

So let’s try these rules for mens Woven Boxers:
1. Assume a size assortment of 1221 which means 1 size small, 2 size medium, 2 size large and 1 size XL.
2. Woven fabric Width of 57 inches cuttable
3. Will consume on average .70-.75 yards of fabric for each boxer.
4. Will consume on average 1 yard of elastic for each boxer.
5. Will take 3 minutes to sew one boxer.

Yes, this is a very broad stroke but you got to start somewhere. I know fabric consumption will change based on waist band treatment like exposed waistband, covered waistband, inside exposed waistband, or matching prints based on repeats, or 4 panel pattern verses 5 panel "bubble back" pattern and on and on. It’s a start!

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