Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Weaving Loom

Weaving Loom

Come into the loud weaving room. Sorry about the cotton fly and no you can’t use the pressured air to “blow” the fiber off your clothes.

1. Here’s our large creel of yarn.
2. Picture a hair comb and this will be the “Reed”and the individual teeth on the comb will be the looms “heddles”.
3. Each “Heddle” has an opening or eye and each thread of yarn on the warp creel will be threaded into a “Heedle”.
4. Now, assign each thread as an even or odd number.
5. Even yarns move forward and odd yarns move back called “Shedding”.
6. A separate yarn is shot through the opening made by the movement of the even and odd warp threads which is called “Picking”.
7. Next, the odd yarns will move forward and the even yarns will move back called “Beating Up”.
8. And on and on and this is weaving.

The method used to send the filling yarn across is how Looms are usually classified. One of the oldest way is with a “Shuttle” and there are still a lot of these in use today. However, most factories use Air or Water as the means for “Weft Insertion.”

That’s all for the basics of weaving which will reference again during our Elastic manufacturing process.


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