Monday, August 17, 2009

Elastic Part 1

Elastic Part 1

Elastic can be a big part of the cost for underwear bottoms. Here are some options to consider:

ITEMS 1-7 first option ususally lower cost
1. Knit OR Woven
2. Printed logo/ design OR Jaquard Logo or design
3. Rubber OR Spandex
4. Exposed rubber or spandex OR Covered Rubber or Spandex
5. Plush Back OR Regular Back
6. Seamed to close diameter OR Seamless
7. Narrow Width OR Wider Width

8. Cotton or Synthetic is a toss up for lower/higher cost
9. Thick or Thin is also a toss up for lower/higher cost

10. And the fibers or yarns can have properties like Wicking, Antimicrobial, etc. which will drive up the cost.

So for most Mass and department store brands, Men’s elastic will cost more than Women’s because Men’s tends to be Wider, Woven Jaguard Logo elastic while women’s is thin knit printed elastic.

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