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Common Tests on Apparel FABRICS

A list of common physical tests on apparel fabrics

The test methods can be found with the American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists (AATCC) and with the American Standard Test Methods (ASTM) volumes 7.01 and 7.02 . If you need to have something tested, there are several commercial certified laboratories like Intertek and Wal-Mart’s Consumer Testing Laboratories (CTL)

Test: Fabric Weight
Method: ASTM D3776
Requirement: +/- 5%

Thread Count
Test: ASTM D3887 (knits) ASTM D3775 (wovens)
Requirement: +/- 5%

Pilling Resistance
Method: AATCC 135/150
Requirement: Minimum class 3.0

Colorfastness to Crocking
Test: AATCC 8
Requirement: Dry Crocking Min class 4.0
Wet Crocking Min class 3.0

Colorfastness to Washing
Test: AATCC 135/150
Requirement: Shade change: Class 4.0

Colorfastness to Light
Test: AATCC 16
Requirement: Not needed for underwear

Colorfastness to Perspiration:
Test: AATCC 15
Requirement: Shade Change Class 4.0


Test: ASTM D3787
Requirement Lt-Med wt. 20 lbs
Test: ASTM 5034
Light Weight min 25 Warp/15 Fill

Fiber Content
Test: ASTM D629
Requirement: +/- 3% stated on Label

Test: 16CFR Part 1610
Requirement: Class 1

Fabric Defects
Test: ASTM D3990
Requirement: No major defects

And remember, an approved certified lab should stay within the standard conditioned setting of 21 degrees Celsius (+/- 1) and 65% (+/- 2%) Relative Humidity. So if you’re about to pass out from the heat in the dye house, go to the lab and cool off – that’s where you’ll find me!

Next we’ll look at tests for “Appearance and Durability After Washing”.


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