Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Finished Garment Measurements

Finished Garment Measurements

I know it seems like measuring and recording different parts of a garment would be easy. Please learn from my mistakes and

1. Expect that any person doing measurements will measure differently from you.
2. Therefore, You MUST have a “How to Measure Manual” and it must be clear with a picture or sketch of the garment showing each measurement.

For fit garments or anytime we have a measurement to discuss, we take a digital photo. The photo shows the garment with a tape measure and a sticker with numeric number displayed. The brain remembers pictures and in the digital world, pictures are fast and cheap to send.

And while we’re on measurements, Women’s sizing in the US drives me crazy! It’s all over the board. Men’s has stayed relatively consistent. Maybe we should learn from Europe and force compliance on garment size.

You gotta love wikipedia. I think this is a good link for various sizes and the measurements in the US.

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